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Updated: Mail Delay – Friday Evening


By In Uncategorized On November 25, 2016

Although our mail servers, together with most every other mail host, continue to be inundated with spam mail with viral payloads, we believe that delivery delays attributable to our mail clusters are now minimal and under control.

Over the past few days we recognise that our mail servers were responsible for mail delivery delays of up to 150 minutes. Unfortunately these delays have been exacerbated by other mail hosts, who likewise have experienced the same unprecedented volume of traffic, resulting in delivery delays in excess of sixteen hours.

Unfortunately we have no control and cannot exert any influence on other mail hosting companies. Consequently we cannot guarantee timely delivery of email, until either the volume of spam / viral email abates or other mail hosting companies have taken action to mitigate the issue.

Our technicians will continue to monitor the situation over the weekend and up-coming week.

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